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The team Weissenseel / Luftschitz is looking back on 28 very successful years in the worldwide collector car business – 25 years of them at the top end of the market
under the name of ``MIRBACH´´.
Now we shift up a gear once more...!

We invite you to step aboard – for miles ... and more:
We promise fascination, excitement, rewarding returns
and attractive worldwide connections!

Only two investors are given the chance to get involved with us in the premium-sector
Collector Cars / Network. We are looking forward to a face-to-face meeting,
outlining the idea, background and concept of:

« CARGOLD circle »

Our economic success and the opportunities we offer are not only illustrated by the examples in our archives – however, they can't be proven in a more vivid way. Go have a look, you'll be impressed!

Sympathy is key!

We thrive on joy, fun and passion, and after a long time in the business we exclusively want like-minded people to join us in doing what we do best.

Since the « CARGOLD circle » is not an investment fund,
a seven-digit commitment is required.

Stefan C. Luftschitz & Andreas Weissenseel
Phone: +49 (0)8036 7004