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beuerberg, april 10th 2014

Your choice is right!

After your call at +49 (0)8036 - 7004 or your email under, we get to know us personally.

First you describe to us your vehicle. Already during this conversation, the sympathy will decide whether you imagine yourself in good hands with us.

Because vintage cars are dreams and thus you trust us at a very discrete sphere of your life. We know about this particular responsibility, and there we are extremely honoured, that Stefan Luftschitz, Director of Beuerberg-Collection GmbH, has leaned to handle with this in almost three decades during his work in several excellent companies.

You tell us what you want to achieve with your vehicle, and we then check where and how this is the best way to achieve.

We then arrange a time frame and a price limit. After that, we take care of your vehicle at our premises without costs.

At that time, your classic car receives all the attention and power of our team based on experience, high professionalism and an international network. Stefan Luftschitz personally is involved in networks that exist for 27 years.

After the sale, we manage the transaction according to a proven procedure. Your special needs to be considered here.

Also a direct purchase of your classic car by us may be in question.

Do you now think that even your vehicle finds its way into our historical archive?
Then call us.

We are looking forward to you! Tel.: +49 (0)8036 - 7004 or your email under

CARGOLD - The name says it all!