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beuerberg, april 10th 2014

Tradition oblige!

Therefore as a consequence of demand we take the 500-year-old estate “Beuerberg” again in operation; a well known address for connoisseurs and insider of classic automobiles since 1996, now reactivated by us.

Here is space on 1,400 sqm for 70-90 high-quality classical rarities in an antique ambience.

A valuable and historic automobile belongs in professional hands only and needs the right environment to fully develop its proper effect.

Only that creates joy and profit!

With over 4,000 sold classics we have a fantastic international network, to fulfill almost every request (see above, archives).

From 1 May 2014, we start again!                Tel: +49 (0)8036 - 7004

But times have changed. Classic automobiles have become expensive. Dealers there are many. Really good vehicles are hard to find. And the survey for market participants as a whole is more difficult these days.


We are aware that the CARGOLD expectations are particularly high after the termination of the project HITZELSBERG.

You can again expect conceptual ideas with leadership in the field of classical cars.

This includes a forward-looking overall -/site concept , and on the other hand the presence of unique selling propositions, to make the difference visible and to make the decision easier for enthusiasts, collectors and investors of classic automobiles ...

... and to create more interesting new fields of activity!

Read more thereof in the near future!

CARGOLD is more than just trade.

We will offer more new areas: Investment, Club and Internationality, focused and specialized on clientele with a high aspiration level.

Size alone is not enough. It needs new answers in a rapidly growing international classic car market, to detect trends and to support.

In particular, it is to sustainably access the classic automobile to other target groups and to explain the ideas behind..

You will benefit of our experience of 27 years in the classic segment.

CARGOLD - The name says it all!